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Event & Beta Coverage

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Game: Final Fantasy XVI

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: PS5

Developer: Square Enix

Square Enix invited Havian to a hands-on preview event to be one of the first people in the world to play the next entry in the hugely popular RPG series, Final Fantasy XVI.


Game: Genshin Impact

Genre: Open World Action RPG

Platform: PS4/PS5/PC/Android/iOS

Developer: Hoyoverse

Havian was invited to create Beta coverage for the Open World Action RPG Genshin Impact. His full coverage has now reached over

3 million total views on YouTube.

zenith logo.png

Game: Zenith: The Last City


Platform: Quest 2/PC/PS5

Developer: Ramen VR

Ramen VR invited Havian into an early beta to create content for this new VR MMORPG. His coverage generated over 400,000 views, resulting in him becoming one of top referrers at launch.


Game: Granblue Fantasy VS

Genre: Fighting

Platform: PS4/PS5/PC

Developer: Arc System Works

Havian was invited by Marvelous Games to try the RPG mode in Granblue Fantasy VS, a fighting game based on Cygames' popular Mobile RPG, Granblue Fantasy.

honkai logo.png

Game: Honkai Impact 3rd

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: PC/Android/iOS

Developer: Hoyoverse

Hoyoverse invited Havian to beta test the PC version of Honkai Impact 3rd, and to create content that showcases the new 

Bright Knight Excelsis battle suit.


Game: Final Fantasy VII Remake

Genre: Action RPG

Platform: PS4/PS5

Developer: Square Enix

Square Enix invited Havian to a private press event for the Final Fantasy VII remake. He captured exclusive pre-release gameplay to create preview content. 

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